Our Lobby is Closed Temporarily, Drive Thru Open

As of 3/19/20, our lobby will be closed. We value the health and wellbeing of our members and staff, and we want to let you know we are doing our part to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Click for more information.

Actions We Are Taking

For the safety of our members and employees, our Lobby is closed until further notice.

Dear Member,
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have closed our lobby. We are still available to help you with all your banking needs. Our business hours remain the same, and we are fully staffed to serve you. For all transaction options, please use our drive-thru or give us a call at 308-532-4426. Our full range of online/mobile options are also available and can handle most types of transactions. If you need help logging in, please give us a call. This decision was not made lightly. During this rapidly evolving situation, our main priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our members and our staff. As of today, there are no reported cases of the virus at NPUPECU. Thank you for your patience during this time.
We have various banking solutions to meet your needs:
1. Use online services to transact your business with the credit union. If you are not signed up for these services, please call us at 308-532-4426 so we can help get you signed up.
2. Use our drive-thru facilities or an ATM to reduce possible contact with others who may be contagious unknowingly. We also have a night drop box in our drive-thru for any transactions or documents you may need to drop by outside of regular business hours.
3. Sign loan documents/account change documents through the drive-thru.
Look for more information on our website as we continue to monitor the situation. 

We ask that if you have transactions that require a little more time, please call ahead. (308) 532-4426. We can have most things ready ahead of time for you to help with wait times in the drive-thru.

Some examples of call ahead transactions are:

Cashier’s Checks | Loan applications and processing | Transfers | Account opening or adding/removing joint owners | IRA and Certificate transactions or inquiries | 24hr call ahead for large cash withdrawals over $2,500

Thank you,

North Platte Union Pacific Employees Credit Union

Avoid scams

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a windfall for fraudsters as they exploit the global thirst for knowledge on the virus. Fraudsters have launched Coronavirus – themed phishing attacks to deliver malware. The phishing emails claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO posted an article on its website warning users of this scam.

Do not act out of fear and use your best judgment when accessing links or answering questions over the phone. Here are some tips from the Federal Trade Commission. If you are unsure about a potential scammer that has contacted you, please contact us immediately.

Stimulus Scams

In response to the federal stimulus package, the fraudsters have deployed a variety of scams involving coronavirus stimulus checks. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) Scam Tracker has received several reports of coronavirus scams where individuals are contacted through text messages, social media posts/messages, or phone calls.

*Government agencies do not communicate through social media outlets, such as Facebook.

Coronavirus direct payments will likely be in the form of direct deposits or through U.S. Treasury checks. Fraudsters may look to seize this opportunity to create counterfeit U.S. Treasury checks to use in their scams. Knowing when the stimulus checks will be issued, fraudsters could steal U.S. Treasury checks out of the mail.
Fraudsters may also attempt to scam you into providing your account number under the pretense of direct depositing the stimulus payment to your account. If you are unsure about a potential scammer that has contacted you, please contact us immediately.