Current Rates

Share Accounts

Share AccountAPRAPY
Regular Savings($25 Minimum)0.15%0.15%
Christmas Club($5 Minimum)0.20%0.20%
Super Savings Acct($1,000 Minimum)0.20%0.20%
Checking Acct($50 Minimum opening deposit)0.15%0.15%

Share Certificate Rates

Share CertificateAPRAPY
6 Month, $500.00 Minimum0.20%0.20%
12 Month, $500.00 Minimum0.25%0.25%
18 Month, $500.00 Minimum with checking account0.30%0.30%
36 Month, $500.00 Minimum0.35%0.35%
48 Month, $500.00 Minimum0.45%0.45%

Special Share Certificates

Special Share CertificateAPRAPY
24 Month, $500.00 Minimum0.40%0.40%
60 Month, $500.00 Minimum0.50%0.50%

With Special Share Certificates, you can raise your rate. If rates increase on these Share Certificates during your term, you may come in and ask us to raise your rate! You may do this only once during the term of a 24-month certificate, and twice during the term of a 60-month certificate.

IRA Certificates

IRA CertificateAPRAPY
Traditional IRA, $500 Minimum0.50%0.50%
Roth IRA, $500 Minimum0.50%0.50%
Educational IRA, $500 Minimum0.50%0.50%

Loan Rates

Current Year and Newer7 Years4.50%
2017-20216 Years4.20%
2017-20215 Years 3.45%
2017-2021 *Special Rate - New Money Only
5 Years 2.75%
2017-20214 Years3.25%
2011 - 20165 Years4.00%
2008 - 20104 Years4.75%
2004 - 20073 Years5.75%
1996 - 20032 Years6.75%
Not fully restored (25 years or older)2 Years10.00%
Fully restored classic cars (25 years or older)4 Years6.50%
UCC Filings or Non-titled Vehicles-10.00%
Personal Loan For 2 Years2 Years10.00%
Loans Secured by Shares5 Years2.50%

*All cars over 8 years old must be brought down to the Credit Union to be looked at.

**Rates subject to change at any time.

***Loan rates above are the base rate, they are subject to increase/decrease depending upon the applicant’s credit score.