Our lobby is back open for business.

We ask that you follow certain guidelines for the safety of our staff and our members as we transition back to business as usual. If you are not comfortable coming inside, we are still operating all services through the drive thru.

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Save for your future with an IRA or Share Certificate. These long term investments are just what you need to save for retirement or other long term savings goals. Share Certificate terms range from 6 – 60 months, so whether you are saving for a car, house or the long term, we have a Certificate that will fit your needs. Interest rates are compounded and paid quarterly (March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31).

The credit union offers Step Up Share Certificates. They provide you with a chance to increase your interest rate. When rates go up for that Certificate, you can call us and let us know you would like the new rate! There are two types, a step up and a double step up. Check out our rates to see which one is the best investment for you. The credit union offers Traditional, Roth, and Educational IRAs. They are a good investment tool for your retirement and education. There are many benefits to contributing to an IRA including, easy maintenance, low minimum amount to start, and various tax advantages. To learn more about IRAs click here.

  Stop in today and let us help you reach your investment goals!