Our lobby is back open for business.

We ask that you follow certain guidelines for the safety of our staff and our members as we transition back to business as usual. If you are not comfortable coming inside, we are still operating all services through the drive thru.

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Savings Accounts

We have several different savings options to meet your specific needs!

Our primary share account is your membership account, and can be opened with at least $25.00 cash, which is the required minimum balance to keep your account in good standing. We can help you set up payroll deduction through this account to make saving effortless. You may transfer in and out of this account to your checking at any time and at no charge!

We also offer secondary share accounts that you can set up and personalize to fit your saving goals. You can have as many of these as you’d like, and with a minimum balance of $5.00, this account can be used to organize all of your goals such as vacation, education, taxes, etc.

For a higher earning savings account, we have our Super Savings Accounts. They require a minimum of $1,000, and deposits must be made in $500.00 increments or more. If you are interested in a more aggresive savings plan, check out our investments page.

Last, but not least, we offer Christmas Club Accounts. These savings accounts require a $5.00 minimum deposit, and make it convenient and hassle free to save for that busy time of year. Funds are only made available October 1st through December 31st. Making one less thing for you to worry about on that long to-do Christmas list.

Contact us today to find out which accounts best fit your savings goals.